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Asian Longevity Eating Habits

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You're undoubtedly aware, that the Asian food from your favourite restaurant, isn't always traditional Asian food! It went through significant Westernization, or Europeanization, (though tasty in its own way). Asia is made up of several diverse nations, including, India, China, Japan, Vietnam, and Thailand among others. Our reference guide book, expands on this idea, with TCM medicine meals, and strategies, to adapt to the food of your location. Journey with us, to explore, and introduce, a few of these eating habits, and recipe ideas. According to traditional Chinese medicine, one’s spiritual, physical, and emotional well-being, are all regulated by, the balance of yin, and yang, in the body. A deficiency, or excess, throws the body off-kilter, leading to bodily, and spiritual ailments. As such, it’s important to maintain, a balanced diet, and to eat the right foods, at the right time of year. The idea is to get and keep you going, on your new, eating adventure. This book is part of an online course . Choose to do the course which will include the e-book. The paperback version is available on Amazon

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