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Different Flavors of 606

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Different Flavors of 606 is a collection of TR-606 drum samples resampled in and through various machines. In this pack, you'll get the sound of the TR-606 drum kit sampled with the NES, Master System, and Sega Genesis among many other vintage computers and video game consoles.


  • 15 TR-606 resampled Drum Kits
  • 210 samples
  • 24-bit 44.1 kHz Mono Wav files
  • Royalty-Free

Drum Kit List:

1 Standard 606 Kit
2 Produced Kit
3 Tube Kit
4 Cassette Kit
5 MPC-60 Kit
6 C64 Kit
7 SP-1200 Kit
8 Dirt Kit
9 Russian Tube Kit
10 Tape Saturation Kit
11 NES Kit
12 SNES Kit
13 Sega Master System Kit
14 Sega Genesis Kit
15 Amiga Kit
You will get a ZIP (16MB) file

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