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Nothing But Trouble, Savage North #2 (Signed Paperback)

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Mac despises Colton. Mostly.
And an attraction to the boss’s daughter is the last thing Colton needs. But…

Mac is a lot of things—smart, sexy, and she can curse like a sailor. But behind her megawatt smile and perfectly pink lips are scars that no one sees. She has all but sworn away from men when an inked-up mystery man walks into her dad’s auto shop, jaw clenched and glaring at her. Mac’s confidence and cocky comebacks begin to fall short, and it’s not long before buried pain and unwanted memories resurface. As life throws her one curveball after another, Mac’s composed façade begins to waver, and she finds herself drawn into the arms of a man she can barely stand the sight of.

Colton knew Mac was nothing but trouble from the first time he met her, half-naked and cursing at him. A complicated relationship with his boss’s daughter is the last thing Colton needs. After all, he came to Saratoga Falls to leave bad decisions behind him. But winter in this small town can be cold and lonely, and Colton finds a certain high-heeled hothead to be more surprising than expected and exactly what he needs.

Nothing But Trouble is a story of passion and tenderness, Christmas trees and snowball fights. It’s about the true meaning of family and the sacrifices we make for the people we love.


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