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Invincible: Protector Series #2

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Can her strength save them all?

Tyler Buchanan had always been strong. Physically, she could out muscle most men. As a welder at the Houston ship channel, she had become known as a woman that could get the job done. So when a stranger, an old acquaintance, and a very sexy FBI agent shows up at her door asking for help, she can’t exactly refuse them. 

Dex Tanaka is a no nonsense, nose to the grindstone, type of government agent. When he discovers that young teenage girls are disappearing from the streets of Washington, D.C., he jumps into action. The only problem is, they seem to be disappearing without a trace. Following a vague trail to Houston, Dex is left with one last hope to find the girls before it is too late.

Can Dex rely on the unusual gifts of his new friends to find the girls before it’s too late? Or will he lose them all trying?
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