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Double Digit Valentine's Multiplication

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This download includes one cut and paste activity, riddles and jokes for the kiddos to practice their awesome double digit multiplication skills and task cards.
Pg. 1-2: Matthew just turned in his last multiplication assignment. The kiddos will have to check his homework to see if he got a passing grade. Reinforces student to show their work & get to pretend they are teachers!
Pg.3-6: Multiply. What is the product?
Pg.7-8: Students read the word problem and are provided space to show their answers.
Pg. 9-11: Solve each multiplication problem to solve the Valentine's riddle.
Pg.12: Multiply and show your work.
Pg.13: Solve each multiplication problem and match your answer to the correct box.
Pg.14-16: Math multiplication problems in which the student has to show how they solved the problem.
Pg.17-18: Solve each multiplication problem to solve the Valentine's riddle.

Check out the thumbnails to get an idea of what the worksheets will look like.
Total 38 pages.
You will get a PDF (1MB) file

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