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THE MIND INSIDE : A Journey into the Subconscious - by Dr. Ewald OERSTED

'The Mind Inside' is a course in 'Self-Hypnosis' that will teach you how to hypnotize yourself for any purpose. It is Part III of the 'Mentus Geographia' course from The Academy of the 3rd Millennium™. It will take you on a journey deep into the heart of the mind to reveal the core of your thoughts and actions. Anything is possible if you harness the abilities of the Subconscious!

" 'The Mind Inside' is that of which we are not aware on a general conscious level, though it is this Mind which is at the back of all our activities, and all of our thinking. It is the Heart of the Self." Dr. Ewald Oersted

About this Course: 'The Mind Inside', like the previous volume in the series ('Total Mind Power') also deals with memory, but with a memory deeper within the mind, not the conscious memory of everyday life. It is an investigation into the powers of what has been called (by Freud, among others) the "Subconscious". This course enables the student to enter into his/her own Subconscious and to make use of its predominantly untapped resources. 'The Mind Inside' makes a close examination of the mechanics of the Subconscious - in dreams and in everyday life, trance states and hallucinations - and demonstrates why most of us, although governed by the subconscious "mind inside" for every moment in our lives (both waking and sleeping), are unable to take control of its abilities and channel its power into our our activities. The student is shown how to access his/her mind inside through methods both of self-hypnosis and creative visualization. Once access is made into the Subconscious the student can then choose what s/he wants to do there : whether to uncover some distant memory from the past that has been on his/her mind (regression), to explore his/her creative abilities, to solve a particular problem, to visualize the future or to work out new action strategies. The book aims to cater for the great variety of life situations of those coming to it for guidance and advice.

Features of this Course: Twenty-four special Exercises for the Subconscious so as to take you deeper into your Self. And each of the twelve chapters is accompanied by a Comprehension Test (-12-) so as to ensure you have understood the lessons that are communicated in them. Full guidance through a complete series of sessions of Self-Hypnosis. Seventeen Images/Diagrams (Black and White & Colour) that make the lessons of Dr. Oersted's visually clearer to understand. Dr. Ewald Oersted's "Depth Gauge™", which enables reader's to plot and appreciate their advancement toward self-knowledge. Achievement Certificates are sent on completion of the course by sending a submission form that is included in the volume.

The Contents of this Course:
0. The Mind Inside
I: The Subconscious - 01. Conscious Thought / 02. Un conscious Thought / 03. Gauging your Depth
II: Barriers to the Depths - 04. "Get Real!" / 05. Fear of the Deep / 06. A Dream of Life
III: The Journey Within - 07. Travel Preparations / 08. Going Under / 09. Deeper & Deeper
IV: The Mind Inside - 10. Into the Past / 11. Mirror of the Present / 12. Previewing the Future
00. Parting Words

An Extract from this Book:In every second only a few illuminated mountain-tops of the whole wide globe of memory are turned towards the mind, and all of the rest of the world remains in shadow” - so does the 19th century German author Jean-Paul Richter conclude the quote on our title page, and true it is that we see only a fragment of the landscape of the mind at any moment in time. Each of us is the owner of his or her own consciousness - yet how little we are in control thereof! In fact, for the most part we seem to go through our lives embedded in routines that have been instilled in us at an early age, without really reflecting on what we are doing. It would not be an exaggeration to say that the majority of us go about our daily lives just as consciously as if we were sleepwalking."

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