How You Can Prove You Are Genuine (for support - no time wasters)

by - Roulette Prediction

Click DOWNLOAD to see an example of how to convince me that you are who you claim to be, as now I will only be williing to spend my time responding to genuine people only.

Tel: +447418338716 (arrange first)

I AM WILLING TO DEAL WITH ONLY REAL PEOPLE (fake scammers and time wasters will never follow this request, which in return saves me wasting my time and helps concentrate on my members and genuine people interested to go forward)

As long as you can proove/convince me that you are a genuine individual...

I will happily communicate by email (main prefered method of communications) even telephone, whatsapp or if you are a returning buyer who has sent various donations I will also gladly meet up with you directly in person to go over my strategy with you in person to help you get the very best understanding.  Currently arrangements to meet are within the UK, but further arrangements can be tailored upon request.


Acceptable ways to prove you are a genuine individual...
(scale of 1-to-5: 1 best way, 5 least way to convince me)

1. Photographic ID (you can obscure or block any private addresses or serial numbers if you wish to do so)

2. Social Media account that you use, direct link (not a name for me to search for) must have recent and past honest activity.

3. Phone number/Whats App details: possible quick phone call conversation if you can speak English.

4. Other forms of document displaying your name and photograph on, not home printed

5. A detailed Introduction of yourself, tell me who you are, what you like doing, and your past gambling experiences


Easiest way, is a photo identity card, passport, drivers licence, - if you are concerned, please feel free to cover up, hide, block, mask any serial numbers or private addresses,... I am not interested, I just want to be convinced you are who you claim to be when you message me, 

People who are not genuine will not go to the length or take the time to contact me properly, but time wasters and fakers will always try to waste my time, no more, I have such limited time, only here for real people.


DOWNLOAD NOW, to see my identity card with privacy example

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