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Parasites Lost: Digitize the vote and represent yourself - a book

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What if computers were really applied to our politics? I don't mean just using email and social websites to foster more discussion. I don't mean using voting machines just to tally votes. I mean the real power of computers, to connect everyone and everything in a giant software bundle and then to ask them for their votes - ON EVERYTHING! - directly running the whole show by giving the power to decide to all the people. Now what kind of a world would that be? It's never been tried.

We don't need to think about big applications like whole countries. A revolution in politics is urgently needed for hundreds of institutions that today are run autocratically. The big one is businesses and corporations. Why should a tiny board make all the decisions for fifty thousand employees? That is a crazy idea! Millions of people have now come to the conclusion that business needs to be democratized. Here you have the roadmap for how to organize that.

While they still are needed and still exist, how about unions? These have long had problems with administration. A few people often seize the power that should belong to all their members. Following the recommendations in this book, you will learn how to organize new, democratic organizations such as unions.

There are many other institutions that need revamping along these lines. Hospitals, schools, universities and many more that currently have many workers and employees who have no say in how their institution is run. And after working off the rough edges of the new designs presented, someday you might even want to go the whole hog and change the way national politics is done.

The first change you will note is that representatives are no longer needed. All that corruption encased in "I know what's best for my constituents, better than they do" and " I vote my conscience!" which only serve to hide the fact that most representatives put their vote up for the highest bidder. This self serving corruption will be gone when the Electorate votes for everything directly. Many other features need to follow this change - changes that you could not guess at until you work out all the consequences. But it is real and practical and it will be applied.

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