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Tiny Dark Deeds - Signed Copy

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A hand signed by the author copy of Tiny Dark Deeds, available in two styles of paperback, or alternate hardback binding!

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I’m a headline in the town of Maywood Heights and known by a name I’ve never heard. They tell me I was taken, stolen, but none of this makes sense. I’m not who they say I am. I’m not a… twin, but even those close to me seem to believe the rumors swarming around me.


With my universe suddenly imploding, I find myself at the center of a history with more darkness than could ever be imagined. My entire existence has been a lie, and those I should be able to trust hold just as many secrets as the ones who destroyed my entire world. Dorian Prinze isn’t who he said he was. He’s a liar, and I find myself in a town of the same. Maywood Heights appears to be the city of the damned, and if I’m not careful…

It might just claim me as its next victim.

Warning: Tiny Dark Deeds is a dark high school romance that contains dubious content and situations some may find triggering. It's recommended for readers 18+ and is the third book in an all new series by Eden O'Neill titled Court Legacy. Tiny Dark Deeds is not a standalone and is the final book in Noa and Dorian’s story.

Author's Note: Court Legacy is a spin-off series about the children of characters featured in Eden O'Neill's Court High and Court University series. It's not necessary to read the previously released series in order to enjoy Court Legacy. This is a new series that can be read completely on its own.