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The Little Book of Truth

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The Little Book of Truth - 29 pages
Author: Dennis DeLaurier

Jesus listens to my griping ( I am an expert)

 It all started one night as I lay in bed. I was grumbling as that is my nature it seems. I was complaining about what was happening in the world and all the evil that seemed to be coming out of cracks and sewers every place.

I complained on and on. How the world had been screwed up forever since Adam fell and Cain Killed able. I complained that humans had been killed by the millions and I was thinking of the Billions soon.

 I complained about all the porn, social media, atomic bombs and guns, and even the “Smell of napalm in the morning” as I am a child of the ’60s.

 I complained about the killing of many billions of baby’s in their mother’s wombs never to speak or even enjoy life. There was child trafficking and trafficking of all sorts.

 I went on and on. I complained that was not what I wanted and wanted to live in another world, as long it wasn’t this one.  Taxes, licenses, and having to live under the thumb of power, evil, and probably some of the most stupid people ever born to date.

There was hate, greed, power-hunger people who wanted and knew what was good for me.

I told the Lord (Jesus) that I was tired of this. I am sure he listened to all this as I ranted on and on. I cried because of the goodness that the world is losing. I cried for my children and my grandchildren. When I finally stopped and my heart was pounding and my blood pressure was probably high, there was silence.

The silence lasted but for a few seconds. Then Jesus said to me:

“All of what you say is not my will, but yours”

Table of contents:
  • Jesus listens to my griping ( I am an expert)
  • All of what you say is not my will, but yours
  • Come Oh Holy Spirit
  • Movement of the will of God and man
  • God sends a new Adam and Eve
  • Living in the Divine Will of Jesus is doing the Dishes!
  • A perfect Will
  • Jesus is the engine of the universe.
  • The Authors Prayers
  • You will need to become an integral part of the movement of the will of God and man.
  • So what is the path to Redemption?
  • We will return to Eden
  • Then the end will come and the Last Judgment
  • God's Book of Love Stories
  • Writing your Story
  • Love
  • Back to Love
  • The Coming Storm
  • The Line in the sand
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