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The Seducers: Tease it and Fuck it

Erotic Story
Page count: 9
Word Count: 2598
Fiction Ebook

Erotic story by Jsovirall. The seducers are ladies that know how to seduce their victims to get exactly what they want. Their p*ssies have power. They know how to tease it then f*ck it like a pro. The seducers make men's c*ck stiff and they drive them crazy before they get them ripe for the plucking.
The Scenario
Paul the Tenant came to visit Patricia because she didn't pay her rent last month and the month before that. Sometimes those things happen. Patricia recently was fired from her job and she didn't even have any money to buy a decent meal. She didn't know what to do but she didn't want Paul to kick her out of the house. She opened the door to let Paul in and then they sat on the sofa to talk. He was in his suit and she was in her lovely dress. He had a book in his hand. He started telling her that he had a major problem and he wanted her to leave the house by next month because she wasn’t paying any rent.
"Paul, I know. I am going to sell my father's old car to try to see if I can pay you the money. I have lost my job and it's a bit harsh actually. I literally don't have anything in the refrigerator. Tell me something, Paul. Do you have kids?"
"No, I don't."
"Why not? You are such a handsome fellah. You are a bit tempting too."
"Thank you," Paul replied to her. She folded her legs, rubbed them, and showed her cleavage to him smartly.
"You are such a nice gentlemen and you don't have any kids. I would really like to give you a bit of a bite. Bullocks, I am so silly sometimes."
"You are actually nice. Don't be too harsh on yourself."
"Really? Do you know what I do for a living Paul?"
"No, but I would like to know."
"I massage handsome men like you," she rubbed his shoulders, "You are a bit tense actually. I think I can help you with that."
"I have been working hard that's why."
"Don't worry. I will rub your legs a little just to loosen those muscles up." Patricia said. She rubbed his thighs. She wanted Paul and her to come to some sort of arrangement. She would be more than willing to do what he wanted. I mean whatever he wanted. I wonder what the hell is that?😎

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