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The story of two lipsticks.

Both are the same lipstick.

First one has a a new brand name on it. Never heard of this brand before. Cheap sale.

Second one has a famous brand on it. Everybody knows about this brand. Expensive.

Which one will sell more?
The choice is obvious, right?

It's the same problem with new online marketers.
They are good at what they do.
But the world don't know them well enough to buy from them.

How are they are going to brand themselves? To be known.
Like most people, we want to brand ourselves fast. ASAP.
No time to wait for months or years.

There are certain activities that marketers do to brand themselves. The faster they complete the tasks, the faster they are branded.

I have compiled the checklist of the tasks you need to do to brand yourself.

Will you be interested to discover how to brand yourself.

You'll get 2 hours of intimate learning with me in a small group at Hanis Bugis. Plus more sharing in a secret FB group.

Remember: If you are not branded, nobody gonna buy from you.
Raise your brand and you will attract the buyers.

If you are new to the market, this is definitely for you.

You get my presentation slides, and access to more info inside a secret FB group,

Duration: 2 hours. 
Venue: Simei or Bugis
Date: you pick the date and time. 
Investment: $100. 
Bonus: Bring along one friend for free. 

You can pay via Paynow or Paylah to tel 977 176 14, by cash or Paypal via the 'Buy' buttton.
You will get a PDF (181KB) file

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