Money and Miracles

by Tina van Leuven , Joy Coach at InnerDelight

If there was an easy way for you to discover how to let joy - rather than fear - be your guide to creating money, miracles and true wealth in all aspects of your life, would you be interested?

There are a lot of books on how to manage your money better. This isn't one of them. Our collective money troubles aren't the result of poor budgeting or a lack of Quickbooks skills. Far more often, those troubles are the result of a long-term, habitual, and deeply unhealthy relationship with money.

Every relationship is unique, and the one between you and money is no exception. Your resistance around taking a close look at your finances has a real source, and this book is designed to help you find and resolve those issues one by one.

Some of the topics covered over the 40 days include creating a new money story, tapping into the limitless power of your intentions, feeling worthy of success, how to become a better receiver of money and miracles, and so much more...

Remove the stress from your shoulders and learn to trust that the universe has your back. The word surrender might sound like giving up right now, but I'll show you how its actually the most powerful thing you can do.

Finally say goodbye to past betrayal and shame that is holding you back from receiving abundance and hitting your money goals.

If you have any unconscious fears running in the background -- such as ending up all alone on the street or becoming a bag lady -- then you'll end up creating mixed results that don't truly satisfy you. 40 Days of Money and Miracles takes you on a journey that will forever change the way you look at and experience money. It will transform every relationship in your life as you eliminate the unconscious limitations and fears which have prevented you from experiencing the exact life of your dreams.

Money and Miracles delivers something far more lasting than a bit of sage advice; it shows you how to enjoy the ebb and flow of money without anxiety or fear.

It feels almost - not quite, but almost - like a miracle.

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