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What is Astro-Psychology?

Astro Psychology marries both Psychology and Astrology to offer not only a personality theory but also a practical tool to support each person on a path toward healing, self-integration, and enlightenment. Based on Jung’s archetypal work and in many other schools of thought, Astro-Psychology puts spirituality back on the human life equation and it reminds us of our connection with the divine.

How does it work?

According to Astro Psychology, our psyche is a reflection of the cosmos, meaning that it is a reflection of the position of the planets at the time we are born. From a personality perspective, Astro Psychology can tell us how someone’s psyche is organized and how it can spiritually grow. From a diagnostic point of view, the reading of someone’s birth chart can provide information about what sort of issues can cause distress and eventually illness.

What kind of Astro Psychology reports can I offer you?

There are 2 types of reports I can give you based on your birth date and birth location. These are:
  • The Personality Report: gives you psychological insight into personality traits, tendencies, healing aspects, and potential struggles,
  • and The Karmic Astrology Report: gives you psychological insight into inherited tendencies, barriers to overcome in this lifetime, and potential routes for future success and happiness

Which one to choose?

  • If you are looking forward to expanding your self-knowledge, I recommend The Personality Report
  • If you are looking forward to understanding what lessons you are here to learn and what's your potential life path toward greater happiness and well-being I then recommend you The Karmic Astrology Report
  • If you want a full report, you can also get both readings at once


Please allow 3 to 5 working days to get your report done.

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