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'I just loved Sarah's idea of what it means to be a ghost.' Tracy Chevalier, New York Times bestselling author'

Sarah writes beautifully and the sense of foreboding or unease is brilliantly conveyed.' Clare Balding, award-winning broadcaster, journalist and author

'Brilliant portrayal of a cruel disease.' Helena Frith Powell, international bestselling author

Urban survival makes creatures of us all. Clamouring for love, terrified of boredom and anxious for success, we fight a futile battle.

Primal urges feed the city, stalking its inhabitants. From a psychotherapist gorging on tragedy to a grief-stricken father searching for his daughter's lost soul, humanity's subterranean secrets and shames are unearthed.

In her third collection of short stories, Sarah Gray occupies the edge of reality, dexterously inhabiting and defying form and genre. Gray's stories shift from the unsettling to the surreal to the frightening, all cut with her characteristic black humour.

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