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HAPPY PIPS! How to make Millions a handful of pips per day one FOREX Trade Setup at a Time!

Dear FOREX enthusiast,

this book is not just another FOREX related publication. It’s a confessions book about the biggest loves of my life, because thanks to them I’m happy and I feel blessed to share my discoveries about achieving and maintaining happiness.  My goal is to make you realize that in order to get different results, you need to change your  thinking patterns.  This way you’ll be able to re-design your whole life and successful FOREX Trading will be just a part of your personal Success System.


I’ll dare to be open.  I’ll dare to be bold.  Otherwise I won’t be able to shake you and push you out of your comfort zone to your extremes, where your best self is.


I created a Guide for you which is not subject to your quality of mind, to your level of experience, to Governments, Central Banks’ policies, countries’ economies, or any of the external factors that are beyond your control.  I put together the system’s parts in modules and sequences helping you understand their correlations and dependencies.  I needed a lot of high level energy to do this and here is where my life’s biggest loves played their role.


Most people live their whole lives without meeting their Big Love.  I am extremely fortunate for having met mine.  The sheer fact that he exists and is not a creature of my imagination, makes me feel grateful.  If I die tomorrow, I’ll die happy.   My two children, are my Angels and the energy I receive from having them in my life is immeasurable.


Another huge stream of positive energy flows through me from my FXHOLICS, a very special Group of Bright Individuals with golden hearts.  They’re my best friends, the shining stars on my sky, the very people I can call “my own” and  my constant motivators helping me refine my Strategies, improve my Signals Service, add more features to my APP, create more tools, plan new Series of Books, discover new Trading Methodologies. We share the same passion for FOREX Trading.  Thanks to them, this Book came to be.  When I sent them an email asking for their Introductory Notes for my Book, so I could shield my work from competitors’ fake bad-mouthing Reviews,  Anne-Marie, May, Rene, Chika, Gaston, Roberto, Jeff, Manny. Abraham, Jumma, Majed, Kurt, Georgios, responded with messages that filled my eyes with tears of joy.  I can’t thank them enough for being members of my ambitious Training Program, FXholic GOLDEN and for their contribution to its evolution.  Their presence in my life is invaluable.


You can safely guess that FOREX Trading is my true passion.  My relationship with it started the same way it starts for most new Traders, losing money.  Then I purchased as many AMAZON books as I could put my hands on and again ...kept losing money because the books were written in an “extremely technical language” I couldn’t understand and I needed someone to take me by the hand and explain to me the basics in plain words and then introduce me to the principles of money,  risk  and trade management in a way I could follow up with instead of feeling totally alienated.


I wanted that kind of educational material so badly, I  gave a promise to myself that as soon as I’d break the code of successful Trading, I would write the easiest to understand books about FOREX Trading.  So I kept my promise writing the KISS FOREX Series of Books. 


But on the way, I realized that although I had broken the code of successful FOREX Trading, I kept losing money making the same mistakes again and again although I knew I should avoid them.  It was then when it became evident to me,  that giving someone the list of ingredients to a delicious cake is not enough.  They need to have the full recipe including stages of preparation, proportions of the materials, timing and all the tiny details.  But still, I only had basic ingredients and terrible mistakes in my hands. How would I come up with a proper recipe?


Then I thought backwards doing some “reverse engineering” to both my right moves and my wrong ones.  And I discovered patterns. I made a list of the right patterns and a separate list of the wrong ones. Then I reversed the wrong ones into their opposites turning them into right patterns.  I had to think backwards, also looking at the bigger picture of the trading’s mechanics.


Started asking questions to myself.  Before I Enter a Trade, what is it I want to make sure of? How much Risk should I take and how is it determined? How can I decide if a Trade is worth taking or not? Which Time-Frame should I trade from? How could I distinguish the types of trades that should be taken from Daily Time-Frame from those to be taken from H4 or even M15 Time-Frame?  What should I be aware of when placing my Stop-Loss order? Once I’m in what do I want to watch for in order to Stay In and what should trigger my Exit? How often should I check my Trade? How could I estimate my Take-Profit Target level? Should I trail my Stop-Loss or not  and how should I do it?  If things go well, when should I add positions and how?  If things go wrong what should I do?   I put together the Answers to my Questions building up a Trading GUIDE which is immune to subjective or external factors.  Studying the Market wider and deeper, I refined this Guide into a Complete SYSTEM which does not depend on the News, the Releases, the Central Banks’ Policies, the Governments’ games, the monetary war, the countries’ economies, the weather, the sun-signs or whatever the Capital Markets’ attention-seekers want to stuff your mind with.  

Let’s not beautify things for no reason. The actual act of trading is pure gambling.  I have been fighting against the term for long, but this is exactly what it is. We bet that a pair will go up or down and depending on our bet’s performance we make or lose money.  But the use of rules and criteria based on Mathematics shifts us from a gambler’s position to that of a sophisticated speculator’s/investor’s one.

Successful Trading is not about Methods or Strategies - there are as many as successful traders and more-. It’s about the ENTRY, STAY IN and EXIT Rules and Criteria.

Trading based on Technical Analysis is about statistically significant possibilities stacked to trader’s favour. There is no space for hoping, wishing or gambler’s attitude because using Mathematics and tools that help you base your trading decisions on Rules and Criteria is a repeatable and scalable Model that anyone can follow.  That’s why I like saying that “gambler hopes, trader knows”. 


My SYSTEM is made of Rules and Criteria which are not related to opinions, predictions, assumptions, guesswork, wishes, prophecies or crystal ball readings.  You let the Market Lead and you Follow.  You just respect the Risk Management and Trade Management Rules and Follow the Criteria.  Strategies are countless, practically as many  as the successful traders. Once you master my SYSTEM, you can try anyone’s strategy or even design your own. Rules and Criteria remain the same.  That’s why there is a huge distinction between a successful trader and a gambler. To apply the rules and follow the criteria takes true adamant character and that’s why I love FOREX Trading so much.  It helps me discover myself, my higher self.


And here I am, introducing to you my Complete System in two New Series of Books : “Happy Pips” and “Boring Trades”.  “Happy Pips”, the first Book of which you’re now reading, is going to be a Series of Books based on the HOW of the Trading, the knowledge which you should apply on your Trading including both the right mindset and the necessary technicals. “Boring Trades” is going to be a Series of Books highlighting ONE TRADE at a time from Entry to Exit, candlestick per candlestick, where the Knowledge will be applied focusing on the EXECUTION of what the “Happy Pips” Series will be presenting to you.


Markets can have a mesmerizing effect on a New Trader.  This constantly changing Dynamic Environment is full of exciting elements, especially if you  watch more than six pairs at the same time on your monitor, fifteen pairs on multiple monitors…or even switch METATRADER’s  APP on so many times during your job’s breaks, that it eats up your smartphone’s battery.   Sixteen hours can pass like sand slipping through your fingers.  Markets can put you to bed and welcome you in the morning for another sightseeing tour.


You know it’s pure magic. What you don’t know is that you have joined the crowd of Markets’ tourists.  Sadly I had been one. And I’m ashamed to admit it took me years to escape the trap of this time-sucking vortex that gets your eyes glued to the monitor and your brain frozen by info overload.  


Markets’ tourists get fascinated by one move here and one move there, jumping from one pair to another, switching Time-Frames faster than blinking their eyes. They’re killing their precious time without knowing what to do and when to do it. They just swim in an ocean of flashy information in the form of colorful candlesticks and lines, most of the times sinking slowly down to the drain killing their Accounts on the way.


Having lived that experience, and noticing that my APPS’ Users and WhatsApp Signals Subscribers run the risk of falling in the same trap, I decided to create the two new Series of Books, “Happy Pips” and “Boring Trades” dedicated to the Trade Set-Ups Theory and Practice  from A to Z.  Instead of giving to my APPS ‘ Users one fish at a time in the form of a Signal, I’d rather show them how to fish on their own. 


As I was working on the first “Happy Pips” book’s structure, while trying to get into my readers’ shoes, realized that first I have to help them break a false thinking pattern that primarily matters what you HAVE, then what you DO and finally who you ARE. In order to embark to the journey to success, you must have your priorities in proper order which is the other way around.  First you must BE your core self, which means you have to discover your unlimited potential self turning from a caterpillar into a butterfly. Then you have to DO the actions that will materialize your potential offering value to the world . Last, you must manage what you HAVE , living a purposeful and fulfilling life. You are doomed to fail in FOREX and in any other ambitious venture, if you are a “lost soul” having a crippling relationship with yourself and being disconnected from life and people around you.  

This Book’s first Section is about how to “BE” the true you in life so you can be the true you in FOREX Trading as an extension of your unlimited potential. The second Section is about how to “DO” the right things in FOREX Trading using the SYSTEM I’m giving you. Whether you are going to use the SYSTEM to achieve a specific goal of doubling your account’s equity ten times starting from $1000 building it up to $1Million is irrelevant. Once you MASTER the SYSTEM,  you can set any goal you wish because you are already successful. You have mastered the SYSTEM. You can use the formula any time, any way you want. It’s the same whether you want to double $1000 or $10Million.  The third Section of the book is about how to manage what you “HAVE” but goes beyond wealth management closing the loop of the three core elements BE-DO-HAVE in a way that you can see how they are interconnected and combined to a “whole” of a meaningful life, the life you deserve.

That means not only new Traders or potential Traders qualify for my book.  Even if you have never heard of FOREX Trading before, the way I present the process towards familiarizing yourself with it pursuing success in life, will make the journey inviting and rewarding to you.


New Traders don’t know that Trading is about Criteria and Rules.  A whole Industry wants them to believe that it takes a lot of money and special skills to trade successfully, let alone the array of super-sophisticated Software and Trading Robots they should include to their Trading Arsenal.  And of course….the News….

Well,  let me burst this ugly bubble once and for all.  You may study my Signals, or your may be so lazy you don’t even play the Videos till the end. You may have picked up parts of my Strategies or you may still wonder what those tools I’m referring to are about.  You may have a Trading Plan, you may think you have a Trading Plan or you may even believe that having a Trading Plan sounds too theoretical for an “action trader” like you.  All of the above are fine with me.  But are not fine with you.  And if I share with you the only Philosophy and Thinking Process that can make you a successful Trader, I doubt you’ll ever care to go back to your old habits :)


Through “Happy Pips” and “Boring Trades” Books, I’ll show you why you should focus on “locking” your Daily Pips every day and why you should follow a certain sequence of steps till they become second nature to you.  We will be using Mathematics -Technical Analysis Tools-  and  a solid SYSTEM consisting of successful Trading’s four basic pillars :  a Trading Plan because we have to know which our destination is and the roadmap to get there, a Trading Strategy because we need a “car” to take us to our destination,  a Risk Management Set of Rules because we must pick the right road  and  a Trade Management Set of Rules which means we must know how to drive the “car”.


Successful Trading is about using the System’s Rules and Criteria in a repeatable and scalable manner, being the Boss of your Trades. I have incorporated the Rules and Criteria into a 7 Steps Checklist and I’ll be sharing every single step of this process with you on Real Trade Set Ups. You just follow the steps copying my thinking process.


Here, let me add a warning.  The information I’ve put into this book is just that, useless inactive information like the oceans of it you’re swimming in every moment of your life.  Unless you read the book and start applying what I’m sharing here, there will be no results in your Forex Trading or your life. Nothing will happen.

You may feel confident with what you know and actually you most possibly have the mentality of a “knows it all” , typical for a beginner.   I know because I’ve been a “knows it all” champion for years, regarding FOREX Trading, which costed me dearly.

 I thought I had gotten rid of this self-destructive Syndrome till my Hermes came to be giving me a great lesson.  On my first day to the ART LAB, wanting to work on my inclination for drawing, with the arrogance of a “knows it all”, I defied my tutor’s instructions towards “playing” with the full range of shades. I also neglected using the special eraser for carbon, which might have helped me take Hermes’ profile to a whole new level.

I stubbornly insisted on my crippled belief that all I needed was practice and my talent would shine.   I was wrong!  When my tutor showed me how to add shades and how to use the eraser on my next drawing,  I was fast to comment “I have this eraser” and she replied “Having it doesn’t help much. You’ve got to use it!”

That’s how it goes with every piece of information you choose to expose yourself to. It becomes knowledge only when you use it.  Otherwise it’s like it never existed for you.  And most of the times, to let the new knowledge grow roots into your brain’s synaptic circuits, you have to unlearn all that garbage that made you have the idea you know it all leading you to a status of confusion and frustration.  Knowledge gives you clarity and confidence. Keep that distinction in mind.


This book has the power to help you change your life, but only if you read it and apply what you’ll learn. So please give a promise to yourself that you’ll read it and will not just rely on the thin-air comfort pillow of the illusion that just having it is enough to improve your trading.


To make you keep your promise, I’ll bribe you with a gift.


I’ll give you the Link to sign up for your gift at the end of the book. But to unlock its page, you’ll need a password which you’ll be able to type only if you have studied the whole book. Fair enough?


Self-discovery is an essential prerequisite on your way to success.  If you don’t accept this, don’t even dare trading. This  book is not written in the wooden language of some Technical Analysis jargon.  I’m sharing with you my life’s Philosophy which reflects to a successful trader’s mode of being and thinking.  Furthermore, I’m presenting to you four alternative Trading Attitudes : the Daily Time-Frame’s Trading Attitude, the 7 Steps Checklist Trading Attitude , the BUY/SELL Scenaria Strategist’s Attitude and the Scalper’s Attitude.


Identify the Trading Attitude that best suits your availability and character, mastering its Technicals and say “hello” to your new Life :)


Happy pips!


Dr Sofia S.


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