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Arabic and English languages

A language is a structured system of communication, either spoken or written, consisting of the use of words in a structured and conventional way. However, language is more than a communication system. It is a very significant tool, by which we can shape our mind and hence our daily life.In this book, I have placed a greater focus in two languages that I have had the honour to learn and use throughout my life -so far. These are Arabic and English languages. Since I have had to experience using both languages I have developed some views on linguistics and hence how can a language makes a core influence in our life. In the Arab region for instance, there are significant differences between dialects that are used in each each country, add to that, dialects within one country are so different too. In Egypt, and Morocco, people seem to speak in a faster rate compared to people in my region for instance. The same thing with English language. In the UK for instance, people who live in Scotland (a mountainous area) seem to speak slower compared to people who live in big cities like London! One of the questions that came into my mind while thinking of these differences is, “Can a language help you increase your IQ” (Intelligence quotient)? My answer is, I believe so. I believe there are smart languages, in which the culture they are associated with are science, rational thinking based cultures. Other languages, on the other hand, tend to be very basic and not supportive of change. Differences between languages and dialects are so fabulous. They can help you broaden your thinking, and, hence, make you accept our differences as human-beings! This book is divided into two chapters, with three different sections each. I will talk about Arabic and English languages in the first and second chapters respectively. These sections are:Is it a global language?The link between language and culture.Some characteristics of the language’s writing and grammar rules.

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