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How To Be The Creator Of Your Own Life

Law of Attraction:

You Are The Genius Creator of Your Own Experience!

The Law of Attraction is easy. You've been using it all your life since you were a tiny baby. Yes, even little babies are using the Law of Attraction.

So then why do so many people feel they have no control over what happens in their lives?

The answer to this question is quite complex, and it involves a whole raft of different aspects. But we want to just focus on one of them here.

It has to do with conditioning. We've mentioned conditioning before, and we'll probably do so again because it is important. Why do people have problems in taking control of their lives? Because they have been conditioned to believe that there really is not much hope that we can ever control anything much.

Outdated Theories
The idea that the universe is a rather unfriendly and callous place, where we have to make the best we can against unknown forces we can't control, is a theory. It's an opinion, and it has no proof, and no claim to be thought of as a fact.

It's on its way out. It will not be long now before people will laugh at the idea.

The Greatest Of All Gifts
We create our own experience. This is, if you like, the greatest of all the gifts we receive from God - the chance to create our world exactly as we choose. Each one of us has full creative control of our own experience.

Who Is Responsible?
Where then does this conditioning come from? Is it the fault of some powerful beings in the background who have imposed their will on us all, and made us believe in a view of the world which is false?
Not at all! We ourselves have conditioned ourselves to believe it, with the help of others around us who have influenced our thinking, who have in turn received it from others.

Each one of us has chosen this view, by being influenced by the collective consciousness of everyone else we know.

Thinking Positive
How then do you get over this conditioning? By choosing to think positively about the universe and the things you can achieve and have, and above all, by not taking any notice of other people when they start to re-affirm how things are, and tell themselves and you that there is nothing we can do about it.

People like that can influence you - if you allow them to. But in the end, it is your choice.

You are the genius creator of your own experience.

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