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Halo - Clothing

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Top, bottom, gloves and shoes for all tall female models


Uses Lithe+ XS chest, vanilla bottoms, shins, knees, hands and feet.

Kept low poly to fit better with vanilla items.

Top replaces Archfiend Armor

Bottoms replace Archfiend Breeches

Gloves replace Archfiend Gauntlets

Shoes replaces Archfiend Sabatons

Metal colorset on row 16 for all items


  • 4 top variants (Jacket + mesh + fur, jacket + fur, jacket, undertop only)
  • 2 bottoms variant (with or without garter)
  • 3 colorsets options (black accent, white accent, fully dyeable)
  • 2 metal color options (gold or silver)


Can clip with extreme poses.

Weights are not perfect but I did my best.

Public release: DECEMBER 2023

You will get a ZIP (16MB) file