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Honeymoon Passion: HOT and SEXY Romance!

The thunderous blast shook the ground under Sherry Drake's feet as she stood on the busiest corner in the heart of Grano's downtown business section. It rumbled through the canyon of tall office buildings, echoing and re-echoing, rattling windows and causing a moment of panic among the mid-morning workers and shoppers milling along the sidewalks.

At first, Sherry feared that it might be an earthquake. Because Grano was prone to earthquakes, located as it was on the San Andreas Fault, which some pessimists claimed one day would cause the entire State of California to slide into the sea. Or it might be the bomb that a lot of pessimists predicted would touch-off World War Three and destroy all mankind. But after a long moment, when no holocaust followed the explosion, everybody resumed their normal expressions and the flow of traffic continued on its way.

For one, Sherry was awfully happy that it wasn't an earthquake, or an H-bomb, or any other major disaster. Because that would have ruined her honeymoon. Bad enough, it had already been delayed more than twelve hours through no fault of her own.

Sherry had married Ben Drake last night in a civil ceremony with a couple of people they didn't even know to act as witnesses. It wasn't until the nuptials were over, that Sherry learned what should have been the most wonderful night of her entire life, was to be spent alone in her furnished room without her brand-new husband. He told her he had to work all night, that they wouldn't be able to start off on their honeymoon until the next morning....Now The Action Begins....Download Today!

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