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Monkey See, Monkey Don't. See Why 88% of Real Estate Agents Fail. Don't Be One of Them.

The streets are littered with the bodies of people who have tried and failed to make a living selling real estate. Over 88% of new real estate agents leave the business within two years. Why is the failure rate so tragically high? The answer lies in the number 1.7 million. There are 1.7 million agents chasing the same buyers. There are 1.7 million agents chasing the same sellers. There are 1.7 million agents offering the same exact services, the same exact way. They all look the same, sound the same, and think the same way. It's a sad, sad, sea of sameness. 

There aren't many ways to stand out in the world of real estate, but Alysse Musgrave has found one. It's a world where clients are plentiful and grateful to be working with you. A world where driving buyers from house to house, for months on end, is a thing of the past. A world where your income is stable, and your nights and weekends are your own. Exclusive Buyer Agency has been around for years, but not the way Alysse does it. Monkey See, Monkey Don't is written for anyone with a real estate license and even those still contemplating a career in real estate sales. In her trademark straight to the point and brutally honest style, Alysse teaches you the newest, sanest and most respectable path to success with your real estate license, and condenses it to about 200 pages. It's a real estate career in a box. You'll learn: 

The reason 88% of new agents are out of business within two years. How to sidestep the organizational and financial landmines that have been set for real estate agents. How to stand out in a vast sea of sameness.The proper way to represent and protect the rights of homebuyers, from your first meeting through closing.Why, in a fiercely competitive business, it's vitally important for you to "play nice with others" and to behave in a highly dignified manner.  That generating leads is easy, if you offer a service that everyone wants.  The world of real estate is not immune from change brought on by advancements in technology. It's time to embrace change and to be brave enough to ruffle a few feathers. Read with an open mind. Even if you decide this business model isn't for you, you are guaranteed to learn many new ideas that you can use to foster the growth of your existing business. 

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