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Manifesting With Red


The colour red is beautiful and signifies passion, life and vibrancy when you see it. However, that isn't all that red can communicate to you.

As one of the divine fractals of consciousness, it is a channel to the mind of Source teaching us all how abundance is meant to be created on the earth and in our lives.You may already be familiar with red as the colour associated with the root chakra, and with being a supportive frequency. That is a good beginning to help you connect with the information in this e-course.
This course goes beyond that understanding though, to specify and decode the language of this colour as it attempts to communicate with you as an entrepreneur.

Consider this course as a comprehensive colour language translation tool. The divine creators of this reality have assigned several ways for us to receive information using our senses, and the reception of light through the eyes is one of these methods. Although you are naturally receiving the frequencies, you still need to consciously understand them to receive their benefits. It is the same thing as being immersed in a foreign culture and its language. The natives could be telling you to "Go to the nearest bus station to find your destination," but unless you have a translator it will be undecipherable. You will just be hearing noise.

It is the same with colour!

Red is speaking to you and encouraging you to take specific actions all the time, but you have not been able to understand it!
No more confusion my friend! This course will take you by the hand and reveal exactly what you need to know and also show you a fun way of activating its power in your life.
If you find that you are uncomfortable around or even dislike the colour red, that also signals that there is a disconnect between you and the frequencies it's attempting to share with you! This is a sign that you need to slow down and to receive its wisdom.

Manifesting With Red contains the twelve lessons and activations which Red is communicating to your subconscious all the time. However, by becoming aware of them and using the activations in this course you will switch on the power of red to help you build a successful business.

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