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The adventures of Callum and Casper

This man was bald, pot-bellied and obese. His shoulders were small and rotund and his bosom was unusually wide and curved for a man. He was wearing a bottle green and white floral shirt that clung tightly around his waist. His black trousers appeared small. The fat man was wearing white new trainers.

The man got out of his car with incredible ease and charged like a crazed rhino. He was fast, astonishingly fast for his weight and age. This was a new breed adult the boys had not come across. He caught the two boys off guard but they reacted with lightning speed as they sprinted towards the mountains, away from civilization.

On their right side was a deep and disused open cast mine.  On their left was a thick forest. It suddenly occurred to the boys that this fat man could kill them and dump them in the woods. The sudden thought, fired by their childhood imagination, began to take root. This was a quiet and remote place for children to be playing unsupervised, let alone in a fight of wills with an adult blinded by anger.

The distance between the fat man and the boys decreased as the fat man accelerated his speed. The only sound was that of tiny feet pattering down the wet road followed by the heavy thuds of the fat man.

 After some intense running, the boys began to tire. The fat man was cursing and muttering words that they had never heard beforehand, evil words at that. “Bamba khanda lika nyoko," shouted the fat man in his native language. This was open hostility from an adult, reasoned Casper inwardly. This man was abnormal, Callum considered silently. Probably a middle age dropout thought Casper. “You dirty scoundrels," screamed the fat man in between gasps of air. Casper was now sure that sometime past, in his life, this man had done many, many bad things to good children. Callum, on the other hand wished their father could pop up from somewhere in the bushes and protect him from this raging monster. Untold fear gripped the boys; someone could seriously get hurt, they anguished.

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