Rites of Darkness

by Comet Press

A handsome Scottish warrior wanting nothing more than to get back to his homeland saves a mysterious female from the fires of superstition. They take refuge in the woods where they can bathe. Their nakedness leads to steamy sex games, but the woman turns out to be more than the warrior bargained for a siren capable of turning a man into a beast, and not just in the sack. Rites of Darkness is a tale of graphic carnal lust, a combination Werewolf/Fantasy offering something for most everyone.


"She rose and sat on the edge of her bed made of wood and hemp webbing covered with a tic pallet. She took stock of the large bull-like gonads dangling between his thighs. She rested them in her other hand, finding them equally fascinating and imagined how they would feel flopping against her backside while the prodigious cock thrust back and forth within her.

"The ethereal feel of dong and balls sent a celestial current through her. From her arms into her suddenly erect nipples the current flowed, down her torso to where the dark hair shared space with vaginal lips. The heavenly shock tingled and titillated her clitoris. She now knew the meaning of sudden passion. She further studied the underside of the penis’s crown that parted at its weeping mouth. Such perfect flesh. This was her naked Prince Charming. If this man wasn’t perfection, it was close enough for the likes ofg her."

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