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Max Chroma Channel Separations (Actions for Adobe Photoshop)

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This is a FREE action file for Adobe Photoshop that produces a basic starter-set of Color Separations that can be used for processes like Screenprinting, that go into Channels.   

The workflow into channels is what most screenprint color separators are familiar with, but gives you a good set of ingredients of the blends for photographic or full-color artwork that is sometimes referred to as "Simulated Process".    However, there are also basic CMY Process, and CMYK Process separations included, as well as a 6-Hues Split (Red, Yellow, Green, Cyan, Blue, Magenta), and a 12-Hues Split,  as well as a Black-Grey-White option.    

The reason this action is FREE is because channels in photoshop contain lots of errors and inconsistencies, and are unable to show a truly accurate WYSIWYG (What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get) simulation of how the channels will print out as halftones for a process like screenprinting.   This will be covered in videos,  showing why the halftone-conversion-step is so important to how the channels will actually print, and also why using layers can be slightly more complex but yeild vastly more accurate simulations of what you are printing.   

There is truly no way for me to guarantee that these "automated" color separations will be better or worse than other methods or techniques you already use or that are available elsewhere - especially once you take the color separations into channels and start making adjustments, converting to halftones, and going through the screenmaking and printing process, there are a lot of variables that can alter the way these color separations appear as printed ink colors in halftones on a screenprinting press.   There are also times where the artwork you are color-separating requires a different set of tone-separations or should be printed with custom-colors rather than a primary-blend set. 

Please watch my youtube videos for explanations of how I might create color separations and use them for a purpose like screenprinting, but do not take these actions and videos and instructions as though they are the only way or the best way or will always work for any artwork.   My approach is sometimes very different from what others do in that particular workflow, and this "channels" color separation action is just the most "typical" version of how color separators work in photoshop to start with a set of automated full-color extractions for making a final set of printing screens... for example usually they will also start merging and adjusting the channels or adding new ones from the existing set or using tools like Color Range and manual selections to bring other colors into the set of screens they want to print with.

The action set now includes a way to first generate registration marks which can be copied to the other channels after running, as well as a halftone "RIP" section to create high resolution halftones for printing onto films as positives for the screenprinting process. 

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