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Natural Harmonics: Wynter Wild Book 6

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“having problems putting it down.... an amazing, well written series” - Facebook reviewer

When love makes sense…

Wynter and her brothers are ready to rock venues all over Seattle. No one can deny the natural chemistry Rule212 has on stage.

Behind the scenes there’s tension brewing.

It’s not easy to work, play, and live together. Family means everything to Wynter and she’ll do whatever it takes to protect hers.

But something at the very heart of this family is ripping it apart.

No secrets or lies—it’s one of Caleb’s house rules. So why does everyone keep breaking it?

CONTENT WARNINGS: The series includes or refers to: child abuse, drug use, animal cruelty, not-very-graphic sex and violence, mental health issues, adult relationships, and strong opinions about touchy subjects. If anything offends you, it's probably Jesse's fault. Wynter does not have sexual abuse/assault in her past or her future.

What readers are saying:
“well written, quirky and interesting and the characters are so well thought out that they seem real”

“Must have tissues because your heart will break at points.”
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