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Author Steve Thompson (centre) umpiring a game at the Wargames Holiday Centre

Written by Steve Thompson, former Chairman of the Wargames Association of Reading, these fast, furious and fun colonial rules have been widely tested and enjoyed, notably by the participants of the Donald Featherstone Tribute Weekend at the Wargames Holiday Centre in 2019.

Using innovative mechanisms that obviate the need for dice, this card-driven game cleverly combines aspects of 'new school' gaming with an 'old school' look. Totally scale-neutral, you can play these rules with miniatures of any size, ranging from 2mm to 54mm, simply adjusting ranges and movement distances to suit, though most will enjoy the visual appeal of games using 20-28mm size figures, evoking memories of the late, great Peter Gilder's set-up.

Can you contribute to a British victory, whilst avoiding the dreaded "White Feather" awarded to cowards and incompetents? Can you prove yourself to be a Jolly Good Chap and steer your column across the barren wastes to safety whilst assailed on all sides by fanatical tribesmen? In short, do you have the courage, skill and cunning to play up and play the game whilst also advancing your own career?

The ruleset comprises 29 pages in total, including a 2-page Quick Reference Sheet that can be printed back-to back on a single sheet of A4 paper.

In combination with Gladius Publications, Steve has kindly agreed that 50% of all the profits from sales of these rules will be donated to the Battlegames Combat Stress Appeal to support the work done by this marvellous charity looking after veterans with mental health issues arising from their service.

We anticipate further rulesets from Steve over the coming months, all of which will be used to raise funds for the charity in the same way.
You will get a PDF (11MB) file

Wars of the Faltenian Succession: The Complete Series Compilation