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Frater Nigris - Liber Conjunctus: Being an Essay on Sex and Sex Magick

Sex begins and ends at Conception. For those loving people who have
chosen to so Conceive, the lustful Penetration, the willing Acceptance has
its finale when Sperma conjuncts Ovum. The Fruit of this Union transforms
the relationship that an individual has with hirself. This is not meant
to imply that Conception is the OBJECT of Sex. While this may be true
in a limited sense, it is also overly simplistic. Conception is no more
the Goal of Sex than Death is the Goal of Life. While both are
transformative events, and, given enough time and opportunity will
surely occur, it is a mistake to think that either is the only goal of
the activity so performed.

This, Will, is the connection between Sex and Magick and determines how
the latter Tool may be used to affect our Sexuality. Their
product, Love, is no different than Will in essence. It is only the form
of expression which distinguishes One from the Other.

Sex Magick is an intimate Tool. It must be practiced in
order to be mastered. The details of its form and function can be
studied and memorized. Yet if they are not applied they will never be
comprehended. It is comparable to learning ABOUT bowling without ever
trying it. Putting techniques into practice is really the object of
the study, and refraining from this is the height of Folly, given means
and opportunity.

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