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Clueless Mothers 1: Mom Hoovered The House While Sis Hoovered My Cock

Wanting to dial the heat up a notch, Suze & I decided that we were going to fuck while mom was home. We waited until she was vacuuming to start.

Holy fuck! The antics we got up to while mom was “busy” was truly astounding.

She just couldn’t fucking leave me alone. Every excuse to pester me while I was banging sis under her nose was used.

When she turned up the heat, though, things got…hairy.


Sis and I had been banging for several months now - ever since she'd turned 18. Usually we waited until mom was asleep or out of the house. But not this time. We were both so fucking horny we couldn't keep our hands off each other.

Only trouble was, mom was cleaning the house. And when she cleaned, she left no stone unturned. In a punchy, giggly mood, Suze and I decided we were going to make out with mom in the room. Every room she went to, we were going to follow and see what we could get away with.

"You nervous?" I asked, pecking my beautiful blonde-haired, blue-eyed sis on the cheeks, brushing away a lock of curly hair.

"Fuck yeah! What if she catches us? Will she kick us out?"

I shook my head, my heart thundering at that thought.

"She's pretty clueless, we could probably lie and get away with it." I ran my hands through her long, blonde hair, my cock jerking already in my pants.

"Let's do it!"

Sis and I waited until she started vacuuming in the living room, then set our first plan into motion. Dragging my blanket in, I snuggled up on the couch and flicked on the TV. Of course we couldn't hear anything, but that wasn't the point. We had to look busy.

As soon as I got comfortable, Suze waited until mom's back was turned before joining me on the couch. Every inch of our bodies were completely covered by the blanket, but underneath we had all the freedom we wanted without being seen.

Suze giggled as she pretended to watch the news and slowly slid her cool fingers down my pants and grasped my thick, throbbing cock.

"Oh God, this is so naughty!" She giggled as she tracked mom as she cluelessly vacuumed the room. She was so intent on her task, that I doubt she even knew we were there.

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