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Five Faces of Felicia Clarke (Digital Edition)

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Felicia Clarke; influencer.
Old Fashioned. Fiercely independent.
Encourages others, but treads her own path.
Dead, but fondly remembered.
By some.
Get to know Felicia through these five stories:
  • For Love of Felicia - Tom goes to secretarial college, falls in love, and… well… doesn’t get married.
  • The Secretarial Shelter - Charles hires a new secretary and sees his business grow.
  • My Lucky Customer - Erol opens a shop, and believes his first customer brings him luck.
  • Stranger Danger - a girl meets a stranger who encourages her to follow her dreams.
  • Best Friends Forever - Etta takes a trip down memory lane when she runs into the woman who was once her best friend.
You will get the following files:
  • EPUB (219KB)
  • MOBI (654KB)