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How to Make an Income as a Content Curator

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Give me any topic and I can write a book about it.

This is my superpower that I acquired from 12 years of work as a content curator. I was a researcher in a corporation.

After I left the corporation, I have no idea how to use this expertise. This was the only skill set I had at that time.

There isn't a job advertisement for content curators. I google it and nobody is teaching anyone on how to create an income as a digital curator.

However I continue to curate info as a hobby. I have curated over 6,000 articles on internet marketing since 2006. (I will show you the proof when you come for my class).

Lately, I observe how some of my peers use their curation power to create an income. A few days ago, I was helping a friend to raise a 4-figure with curation strategies.

I have curated a few case studies, including my own.

Do you like me to share with you how to apply curation strategies to create your own income?

I have quite a few strategies up my sleeve.
I have never teach this publicly before.
Nobody is teaching it either.
This is NEW info.

I am finally connecting the dots after so many years of wandering in the wilderness.

I am now able to put my content curation power to greater use.
I am so excited. I can't wait to share with you.


We are drowning in the sea of info.

We are not suffering from the lack of info.

In fact we have too much info.

Unfortunately, out there, there are a lot of fake news, wrong info, incomplete, unreliable, outdated info.

It gonna takes time to sieve out the good from the bad.

We already have a lot of good content creators in the world.

What we need now are good curators.

Bring the right info to the right people.

The good info are already out there, buried somewhere.

Like gold in the mud.

Someone just need to dig them out.

Do you have the flair for curating info? Then let's mine the gold. 

It's a 2-hour session at either Hanis, Bugis (next to National Library) or at Eastpoint Mall, Simei. 
Presentation slides will be given.
You will be added to a secret FB group.

Content Curators Wanted.
If your curation subject interests me, I am willing to be your business partner.
I am looking for potential biz partners to work with me to curate and sell good info.

* You must have a love for blogging or vlogging.
* Enjoy writing.
* Have an abundant spirit of sharing awesome knowledge.
* Have a passion for a profitable subject of your choice.

I will mentor you and guide you as you work on this business.
You can do it part time at home.

There is no cost or upsell other than paying for my class on 'How to Create an Income as a Curator'.

I am opening this opportunity only to those who attend my class so that you understand fully how this business model works. There is no guarantee that you will be selected for the partnership. It depends on whether it is a profitable subject, if I have interest in the subject, and whether we are a suitable fit for each other. 

Duration: 2 hours. 
Venue: Simei or Bugis
Date: you pick the date and time. 
Investment: $100. 
Bonus: Bring along one friend for free. 

You can pay via Paynow or Paylah to tel 977 176 14, by cash or click on the 'buy' button. 
You will get a PDF (210KB) file

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