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Nicholaj Frisvold - The Sabbatic Kabala of the Crooked Path

Andrew d. Chumbley's “azoëtia” ( xoanon publishers, 1992 ) is divided into 11
Cells or acts, houses of power. There should also be mentioned that the book
Also contains another book (book one) that will not be discussed in this short
Treatise. The number 11 not chosen at random since it is the half of the sacred
Alphabet and the arts themselves represent double houses and through this all
22 letters are marked in their own right and reflecting its adversary. The
Significance of the number 11 should be well enough debated by adepts of the
Ancient art and this number which reflects the vortex of deaths rainbow-gnosis
Will be left alone in this treatise. As stated, the 11 cells are formed by twin letters
Of the sacred alphabet, forming a double-current. Within the houses the powers
Reflected should be associated with such, the right-hand palace of the great
Double house and the left-hand palace which name will remain secret and
Hidden these cells or sources of power are called acts. A secret key is revealed
In the following quotation: " over each cell, there is a unifying glyph, a sigil
Whereby it is opened and closed at a point of ingress...Each path hath
Especial sovereignty over a specific pair of letters, these twin attic glyphs being
The polarities of such powers as are emanated and drawn in by that particular
Cell. Thus they define the nature and characteristics of the art as a genius.
An attic current may thus be called upon as the twin continua of zoa (life) and
Azoa (death) - as goddess and god". (p. 94-95). On the pages following a fivefold routine as a ritualistic formula is revealed so it’s clear that the arts function
As the mounting points of corporeal form. The formulae can be summed up in
The following: I + will + desire + belief = result. Some of you might find a
Strong reference in the work of the British sorcerer Austin Osman spare through
This formulae and the importance of spare in the sabbatic current is vast. These
Five points can be summed up as the entering into the void, the application of the
Bindu of light, the emanation of the bindus rays leading to the sensory
Capturation of the being called forth culminating with the absorption in the silence of
The force in action that has been compelled through signs and rituals set forth in
The void. There should also be said that this essay is solely a reflection of
Personal quality upon the matters set forth in this excellent grimoire of the art
And is intended to shed light on the mere composition of the text rather than to
Explain the hidden points its compass stretches towards. In some sections of the
Essay this will be hinted towards, but not explained. One important aspect of
Sorcery has been left out thou, or rather has not been clearly stated. That is the
Influence of what might be named as “the charge” or the stellar fluidity that must
Enter the ritual and electrify the effects, also known as the azoth. This is quoted
Later in the text in the following well-compromised extract:

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