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Tricksters, Crackers, and Gods

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While Florida faces an unusual bout of climate crisis, Roy the Trickster and Judd Jugmonger, a Florida Cracker, set off on a surreal road trip to unravel the mystery of a pizza with psychotropic properties. They end up traveling to the Ancient Greek Underworld, and are forced to contend with vengeful, irate, and homicidal Olympian Gods and spirits, the Devil, misplaced rednecks, and a sinister plot to destroy both the state of Florida and the entire realm of the afterlife in a nuclear meltdown. All this and tarot cards, too!

A satirical, cautionary tale of climate fiction, mixing Florida history, ancient Greek mythology, the occult, and cornball humor. This screwball adventure makes Homer’s Odyssey and Dante’s Inferno seem like a walk in the park. Based in the absurd world of Lost Florida created by Jay Leonard Schwartz, the author of O Little Central Florida Town of Bedlam and Climate Riot.
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