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Discover Your Purpose in 5-EASY STEPS

PURPOSE is the key to a victorious Life. This workbook offers a precise step by step guide to finding what you were created to do. A life of purpose is the key to a pulsating life of happiness, power, significance and genuine success. Purpose will give you back control of your life as you determine your goals and the manner in which you want to fulfill them. This breaks the chain of dependency on others and eradicates uncertainty in your life. Purpose will boost your confidence and self-esteem.Purpose is to life what water is to plants. Without water plants eventually die. Without purpose your life will slowly grind to a halt. The work you were created to do is inherently found in you. A failure to function in your life's work causes problems like despair, emptiness, stress, lack of drive and sheer hopelessness just like a defeated male lion becomes a nomad and ends up attacking human beings as a soft option.Purpose will create the conditions necessary for your success in life. When your life is on purpose, every experience, good or bad, works to your advantage. Even adversity becomes an opportunity. Purpose  harnesses your abilities and generates real power, enabling you to join the trailblazers and the high achievers. A life of purpose is an inspired life. The motivation comes from within. When your life is on purpose, your work will contain the same motivation as that shown by a footballer when playing football. Managers and executives all over the world are hunting for motivated employees daily. No matter how much you change the lighting in the offices or increase people's pay, motivation remains a heart issue that can only be resuscitated by purpose. In order to find passion in your life, discover your purpose.

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