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Three collections of poems, Above the Everyday, Eternal Reality and Life in the Light by a man who was born on earth like all of us and alive in the spirit like those, sometimes characterized as brothers in the order of Melchisedek. 
(Ps 110:4, Gen 14:20, Hebr 6:20, 7:1-28).


In his poems he is singing his autobiography, sometimes as man of the earth, sometimes as spiritual man.

Many times he sings at the same time quintessentially our own biography as man of the earth and as, still vaguely conscious, man of the spirit.


His are poems that want to sink deep down into us where then our deepest selves respond.


May everybody become acquainted with these poems which give insight into life and being.

(note by the Publisher)


Contents in English

1. Appeal
2. I
3. Retreat
4. Love
5. Deed
6. Struggle
7. Peace
8. Power
9. Life
10. Light
11. Trust
12. Enlightenment
13. Glorification

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