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By lord j
Grandfather Popolopi is powerful but very good wizard.He rides on a magic broom high up in the sky and rescues those in need of help.
Tabalalah and his band of wicked wizards are bent on destroying the whole inhabited world. Taking on the forms of medieval wild beasts and flying creatures, they outwipe whole communities of people.
In an attempt to restrain the forces of darkness from destroying the world, Popolopi confronts Tabalalah and his band of wicked wizards. In the warlock that ensues, he uses his matchless magical weapons and demolishes all the bodies of the forces of darkness; and then he cast their souls into captivity into a little black bottle.
After sometime, Popolopi hands over his magical throne to one of his grandsons called Rojo.But his other grandson called Mimijaga strongly desires the throne.Spiteful, Mimijaga stole the little black bottle that holds the souls of the forces of darkness, breaks it open, and took possession of the souls of the forces of darkness.Thus he now becomes the incarnate of the forces of darkness;the master and king of evil.
Riding on the back of a gigantic flying python, Mimijaga is dertermined to exterminate the whole inhabited earth.He and flying python are about to devour a child at a wide avenue, but suddenly, the forces of light, Rojo, flies on his magic broom and clashes with Mimijaga in one of the most spectacular warlock. At last, Rojo turns both the bodies of flying python and his master Mimijaga into dust and cast their souls back into the little black bottle forever and ever..

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