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Bottoms up - A book about living near alcohol problems

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The classic and beloved book "Bottoms up" is now republished in english at the readers' request and it is more current than ever.
"A book I recommend that is about alcoholism and denial, both in the alcoholic and the relatives is called Bottoms up by Lena Holfve." Carina Bang Co-dependency info.
"I have read a book called Bottoms up by Lena Holfve, if you have not read it, I recommend it to you! It is about saving people from their own responsibility. We take care of things like the other adult the person should take care of themselves. We protect them from the consequences of their own abuse. And when we protect them from the consequences of their abuse, we facilitate the abuse. The Villervalla of Life "
"Bottoms up. A book about living close to alcohol problems. Very good book, a classic that is now available as an e-book. Needed even more today because we drink twice as much alcohol as in the 1960s…" Author Sanna Edin
"Bottoms up is one of the most important books I have read in my life! It gave me so much strength when my dad drank the most, thanks to Lena Holfve." Catrin

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