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EXPAT Safety & Security: PHILIPPINES

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The author with an Army unit in Guimaras, my island province home

You can use this unique guide to discover the best security tips for traveling and living in the Philippines:

  • New and expanded updated 2021 version
  • Overall crime and safety report from the U.S. government details the current terrorism threat along with vital information on transportation safety, anti-U.S./Western sentiment, drug-related crimes, and the ever-present kidnapping threat
  • Discover the best security options for your personal home safety
  • How you can legally possess a gun as a foreigner in the Philippines
  • Because of ongoing security threats against foreigners, this guide provides invaluable safety and security tips you can utilize every day
  • Is the Philippines safe for foreigners? This book gives you the straight, hard facts about personal safety in the PH
  • The best and the latest travel advisories for the Philippines
  • Personal insights and experiences from an American expat living in the Philippines since 2009
Hi, my name is Dave "The Kano" DeWall. I moved to the Philippines in 2009 along with my beautiful Filipina spouse, "The Sainted Patient Wife." My loving better half has put up with me for over 20 years. I served in the United States Air Force as a Security Specialist in the Strategic Armed Command. While employed at AT&T in Central Illinois I was a Fire Warden and a member of the Safety Committee. I take safety issues very seriously.

With all the news of drug-related killings, terrorism, and kidnappings in the Philippines, it's best to be prepared before planning your own trip to the Philippines. That's why I updated this E-book, "Expat Safety & Security: Philippines." This guide gives you the inside story on what's really happening in the Philippines.

They call me the "straight-shooter." I give you the good, the bad, and the ugly side of living in the Philippines. While it can be a "paradise" at times, it can also be a gateway to your own personal hell.

Hanging out with another Army unit in Guimaras

Get yourself armed with some of the most updated information on safety and security in the Philippines

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