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My Remedy (Open Door Love Story Book Three)

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She followed his lead every step of the way.

Love has to be about more than drunk hook-ups and kissing in the rain… right?
After many failed attempts at rehab, Izzy Sundall moves to Oregon from Idaho to live with her aunt and uncle and work at their dog kennel. Fed up with disappointing her family, Izzy vows to never take another drink or sleep with another guy who doesn’t value her. Well, she vows to try.

When she meets Duncan Fieri—a clean-cut CrossFit Coach and former dog handler with the military police—Izzy is sure a good guy like him won’t look twice at a bad girl like her. But he does look at her. Duncan has been where Izzy’s at and he thinks they can help each other navigate the tricky landscape of addiction and falling in love.

That is until Izzy screws up because that’s what she does. But maybe this time she’ll find the strength to love herself enough to let Duncan love her too.
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