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Gratitude Meditation

Starts your day right with grateful and thankful feeling for you and your life.  Appreciate what you have and more abundance and blessings that may come your way with this simple yet powerful ten minutes GRATITUDE MEDITATION.

Practise this gratitude meditation at the beginning of your day, for the next 21 days to see the positive changes in your attitude and life.  GRATITUDE MEDITATION to bring in positive attitude, happy and healthy life.

If possible, list down and give thanks for 3 things that you are grateful for today!

Set the positive vibration of your energies to set your day.  The more grateful we are for what we have and receive, the more we are allowing ourselves to receive.  Take few minutes in the beginning of the day, to be mindful and focus on being thankful and grateful for you and your life for more abundance to come your way.

Thank you for being a part of our journey towards continuously achieving happy and healthy life.

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You will get a M4A (5MB) file