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THE CRITIQUE OF PURE REASON (1st Translation into English) - by Immanuel KANT

Immanuel Kant’s ‘Critique of Pure Reason” in its 1st English Translation (1838). Academic Edition

"But although all our cognition begins with experience, still on that account, all does not precisely spring up out of experience."  Immanuel Kant

About this Book: Possibly the most influential book of philosophy ever written, Immanuel Kant’s ‘Critique of Pure Reason’ will expand your mind and turn your views of the everyday world inside out. This new edition presents his revolutionary book in its 1st English translation - meticulously re-edited for the modern reader - allowing you to re-experience how Kant’s ground-breaking volume first dazzled English readers when released in London in 1838.

Features of this Edition: This New ‘Living Time Global’ Edition includes the Francis Heywood translation of 1838 along with all corrections made in the subsequent 1848 edition. The volume also includes many bonus features, among which are: an Introductory Essay on Kant's life and work by historian of thought Edouard d'Araille; a Select Bibliography of the key works by Immanuel Kant; the original 'Notice of the Translator' (by Francis Heywood) and an ‘Editor’s Note’ in which the approach to the editing and presentation of this text is explained. This stunning edition of Kant’s masterpiece also includes 2 Portraits of Kant, his original Dedication to the 2nd Edition of the ‘Critique’ (omitted by Heywood), Textual Annotations (both by Kant and Heywood), plus a Glossary of Terms that demystifies the difficult vocabulary used throughout this book. This eBook edition includes all printed pages of the Living Time publication, including the original cover.

A Revolution in a Book: Do you want to understand the workings of the Human Mind; how Time and Space are elements of our Mind and not of the outer world; how there is Knowledge that exists before all experience of the world; and the difference is between Phenomena and Noumena? - Then this is the book for you. It single-handedly sets out to tackle all the most difficult questions of philosophy, providing answers that no book ever had up to that point in history. The year of Kant’s ‘Critique’ – 1781 – was the year of a Revolution in Philosophy, just like Descartes “cogito, ergo sum” he turned philosophy upside-down. The ‘Critique’ has inspired thinkers for over 200 years: Fichte, Schelling, Hegel, Schopenhauer, Neo-Kantians and Analytical Philosophers – to name only a few who owe a debt to Kant’s epic work, which took him over 13 years to write (and only published in his 57th year!).

The 1st English Translation: It then took 57 years before the "Critique" was translated into English – up till then only available in Latin and French. Published by William Pickering in 1838, Francis Heywood's ‘The Critick of Pure Reason’ (as he titled it), remained the standard English translation for decades. Highly commended by authorities on Kant at the time (among whom William Hamilton, Max Müller and the later translator J.M.D. Meiklejohn), it is still respected for its fundamental accuracy and faithfulness to Kant's 1787 'Second Edition'. This eminently readable translation of Kant's 'Kritik der reinen Vernunft' is an essential text for avid students of Kant, especially those interested in comparing different translations of this work.

Testimony: Johann Wolfgang von Goethe described the experience of reading Kant’s ‘Critique’ as being walking into a room flooded with light. Arthur Schopenhauer described Kant as the most important thinker since Plato. Einstein named Kant as one of his two favourite authors ever. Perhaps his ‘Critique’ will also have an amazing impact on you. Why not give it a try?

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