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(Crazy Rich Asian 2) Kevin Kwan-China Rich Girlfriend-Doubleday (2015)

(Crazy Rich Asian 2) Kevin Kwan-China Rich Girlfriend-Doubleday (2015); 409 pages.


SEPTEMBER 9, 2012, 7:45 P.M.
“Wait a minute—I’m in first class. Take me to first class,” Edison
Cheng said contemptuously to the flight attendant escorting him to his
“This is first class, Mr. Cheng,” the man in the crisp navy uniform
informed him.
“But where are the cabins?” Eddie asked, still confused.
“Mr. Cheng, I’m afraid British Airways does not have private cabins
in first class.
But if you’d allow me to show you some of the special
features of your seat—”
“No, no, that’s fine.” Eddie tossed his ostrich leather briefcase onto
the seat like a petulant schoolboy. Fucky fuck—the sacrifices I have to
make for the bank today! Edison Cheng, the pampered “Prince of
Private Bankers”—famous in Hong Kong society pages for his bon
vivant lifestyle, his dapper wardrobe, his elegant wife (Fiona), his
photogenic children, and his superb lineage (his mother is Alexandra
Young, of the Singapore Youngs)—was unaccustomed to such
inconveniences. Five hours ago he had been interrupted during a
luncheon at the Hong Kong Club, rushed aboard the company jet
bound for Beijing, and then hustled onto this flight to London. It had
been years since he had suffered the indignity of flying commercial,
but Mrs. Bao was on this godforsaken plane, and Mrs. Bao needed to
be accommodated...


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