To Hell In A Handbasket (Halos & Horns Book 3)

by Keith B. Darrell

Picking up where And a Child Shall Lead Them left off, the third installment in the Halos & Horns fantasy series finds the angel Gabe Horn and demon Lou Cypher questioning their roles, as each embarks on a personal journey to discover his humanity.

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The cast of characters must adjust to the changes brought about at the conclusion of the previous installment. With the Devil taking charge of Heaven, Gabriel rebels, searching for answers in the most unlikely of places. As Samantha ponders his proposal, Lucifer finds himself a reluctant ruler. Síofra, the Irish changeling, must adjust to life hiding from Alaric in Japan with the ingénue Kaya, unaware of the girl's deadly secret. A familiar figure rises from obscurity to seize the reins of power at Nosferatu, Inc., while Morgana le Fay seeks vengeance for the fate of her son, Mordred.

To Hell in a Handbasket is the third book in the Halos & Horns saga. Readers may wish to begin with the first book, Paved with Good Intentions. The series continues in The Witches’ Cauldron.

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