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Latina Mother Daughter Sex Slaves

18-year-old Latina Maria and her mother needed to get out of Mexico stat.

I needed some hot sex slaves to satisfy me anytime I wanted.

But first I had to convince my wife she needed domestic help, then I had to smuggle them out of the country under the ever-watchful border patrol’s keen eyes.

Two hot Latinas at my beck and call, anytime, anywhere I wanted.

This might just be worth the risk…


I drummed my fingers on the steering wheel as I waited for the Border Patrol agents to check my car. Minutes ticked by and seemed like hours. Would they catch us? If they did, we'd all be in big fucking trouble.

It all started a few days ago when I met 18-year-old Maria and her mother, Anita. Her mother didn't speak a lick of English, but Maria was fluent. I found her in an alleyway crying her eyes out.

She explained to me that one of the cartels were after her and they wanted to traffick her. She needed badly to get away - to the US, but with the current situation going on, she didn't dare.

With large, brown, tear-filled, pleading eyes, she looked up at me and in the softest voice I'd ever heard asked if I would smuggle them over the border. She said they had lots of cash to offer and perhaps more if we'd let them stay at our place.

I thought about it for a moment, looked down at Maria's heart-shaped, tear-stained face and realized I couldn't just leave her there. I took her back to my hotel room and explained everything to my wife. She was sympathetic, but also risk-adverse and wasn't too sure about the whole thing.

Until Maria piped up quite excitedly that her and her mother would help around the house.

"We could be your live-in maids. We'd do anything you ask. Wouldn't cause any trouble. And all we ask for in return is a room and food."

That seemed to do the trick. My wife - while risk adverse - was also a bit lazy. She hated housework. Next thing I knew, she was convincing ME to bring them over. We decided to make the trek the next day. I grabbed Maria, left my wife at the hotel and set out to get her mother.

"She's going to be SO excited!" Maria leaned over in the car and gave me a BIG kiss on the cheek. I turned my head at that moment and her lips locked with mine.

Instead of turning away, Maria giggled and wrapped her long arms around me. At first I felt a guilty pang, but the way she kissed me and rubbed her hands all over my body caused me to completely forget all about my wife.

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