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5 Harry Potter and the Fights and Flights in

By Djeukem Momo Loic Cabrel
Brief Summary:

Harry Potter and the Fights and Flights in the Flying Ford Anglia is an adventure of Harry, Ron, Hermione and Neville in the eastern edge of the Forbidden Forest where they get carried away by the flying ford anglia to a graveyard in the forest where they witness the rise of Voldemort out of the acromantula spider, Aragog.

Detailed Summary:

As Lupin and Hagrid lead the unicorns to the school leaving Harry and his friends guard the entrance against other surprised attacks by the werewolves and centaurs, the children are surprised by a thundering wild car which runs down the slope and rescues them from an army of centaurs and werewolves warriors.

They are flying in the skies on the car which seems to follow a route it knows well which the children don't remember ever passing there. The car flies down and abandons them in a graveyard and runs back again. They are hit by something and they all fall unconscious and get up later to have themselves tied up in web cords in bunches by spiders and hung up on trees; while Harry is tied up by Bane on a grave; with spiders scuttling all around and a giant snake slithering around him.
Bane begins speaking and performing some actions and from the cauldron's simmering depths, a tall, thin man rises. Harry knows that Lord Voldemort has risen again. Harry watches as Voldemort examines his new body, and presses a red tattoo-the Dark Mark-on the weeping Bane's upper arm. Voldemort paces the graveyard, musing aloud to Harry about how he killed his parents, and as he speaks, Death Eating beasts begin coming in a circle around him, each of them hooded and masked. Voldemort welcomes his Death Eating Beasts and notes that they seem, as a group, guilty for having betrayed him when he needed them. He publicly rewards Bane for returning by giving him a new right hand. Voldemort promises the group that he soon will call other beasts, into his confidence.
Voldemort then discloses his history since he last encountered the beasts up till this time as he is speaking to them; and uses his magical sword to torture Harry. Harry stands up, the Gryffindor sword in hand to duel Voldemort. As they duel, an invisible force links the two swords, lifting both Harry and Voldemort; and Harry wins thanks to the shade of those who killed Voldemort, who helped him.

Harry then saves his friends from the spiders and werewolves and centaurs; and after a terrific duel of blood and fire and Harry against Voldemort again, they are rescued once more by phoenixes and the flying ford anglia comes and carry them away again as they crush in a willow wood of whomping willows; resting seated on the ground.

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