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Bronze | Music Album

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Music inspired by the history of Hittites and Assyrians in Asia Minor during Bronze Age -

When the Fog clears (4:25)
Bronze (3:49) 
Longing for Peace (3:36) 
Life is changing (4:45) 
View over the Plains (3:38) 
Land of Hatti (3:02) 
Reflect Thoughts (4:46) 
Hieroglyphs (4:44) 
Assyrian Settlement (5:40) 
Ancient Ship (4:05) 
The Lions Gate (2:54) 
Moonlight (3:20) 
Forgotton People (3:59) 
Hittite Procession (4:53) 
Underworld (4:27) 
Bronze Age (6:43) 

Music produced in Stereo / Binaural 3D Audio. Download for personal use: WAV (24 Bit, 48 kHz) and MP3 (320 kbps) - To get the full listening experience, the use of headphones is recommended. Music © jaysounddesign

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