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Discover Your True Self in Nature


Who are you?

Perhaps you've forgotten. Perhaps life is so busy and you're so occupied playing various roles that you've lost sense of your self.

When you stop listening to the voice of your soul, you lose touch with your essence. Your sparkle dims and your well-being is compromised. You might feel something is wrong or have a niggling discontentment. You might experience vague symptoms in your physical body reflecting what's going on in layers of unresolved emotions. Often, you'll keep on going along life's path, not hearing your soul's whispers, which ask... Do you remember? Do you remember who you are and why you're here?

In order to thrive, you need to find and reconnect with your true self, and the best place to do that is in nature.

It's in nature where you'll remember who you truly are. You'll reconnect with your passion, your playfulness, your creativity and your innate need for wonder. Being in nature will provide you with the gift of presence so that you'll tune into your soul's intelligence, and discover exactly what you need to live your beautiful life.

Before I reconnected with my true self, I felt fragmented and torn. I was constantly giving away my energy without concern for myself. I made poor choices as a result of being out of alignment, and my well-being suffered. I had, however, always escaped into nature when the world became too much and, slowly but surely, it's in nature where I found my way back to my true self.

Inspired by my own journey and what I discovered along the path, I created this self-study course so that you can find your way to what truly matters. Through being, playing, and creating in nature, you will discover what lights you up and what will bring you into a space of well-being.

What You Will Learn...

Potential Outcomes…
¤ A deepening, mindful connection with nature.
¤ Discovery (or expansion) of your creative gifts.
¤ Experience more joy, peace and sense of being present.
¤ Begin a process of healing or self-discovery.
¤ Feel more inspired and tuned-in to nature’s gifts.
¤ Improved health and well-being,
¤ Sense the spirits of nature and of earth as a beautiful entity.
¤ Personal transformation.

How the course works:

You’ll receive the course guide and six creative assignments in PDF format, which you can download and save to your computer / mobile device.

The assignments have been created to inspire and motivate you… to help you become more focused and aware… to give you the tools to break through creative blocks… to offer you ideas and inspiration to create. As this is a self-study course, there are no deadlines, and there’s no coursework to hand in. You can take the course at your own pace, which invites beautiful serendipity and a more natural progression for self-discovery.

You Will Need:
~Your own materials to create, such as pen, paper, notebook, camera, sketch book – whatever you require to be creative in your own wonderful way.
~Access to nature: trees, gardens, woodland, rivers, seaside or anywhere where nature is allowed to just ‘be’.
-An openness and wish to embrace expanded awareness and soul-nurturing.

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# Please note that once you have received your course, no refunds can be given.

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