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Enter The Circle Of Seduction 2

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His mind is racing, anticipating with both fear and excitement what erotic pleasures he will be forced to experience today. You have decided that it is time for Robert to have a breakthrough in his erotic domination training. For the last two weeks, Robert has been dominated only by you. He has learned to be obedient to you and is obviously willing to experience an orgasm at your hand in whatever fashion you decide today.

But today, you will not be the only person dominating him. You smile as you think of the erotic plans you have in store for the afternoon. "Robert", you say, "Please remove all of your clothes." Robert's face turns a beet red as he hears this request. He has not been able to get used to being ordered to expose himself in front of a woman. He hesitates for a moment before his hands move slowly to the buttons of his shirt. First, his shirt, then his socks and pants are removed leaving him in only his underwear.

You wait patiently as his hands pause with his thumbs in the waistband of the briefs. Finally, he pulls them down in one quick motion and steps out of them. He stands before you with his hands covering his crotch. "Place your hands behind your back please.", you say quietly.
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