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I've been reading Oracle and Tarot cards for about 20 years. I got my first deck (The Psychic Oracle by John Holland) when I was a teenager and it's seen me through many, many changes in my life.

Reading for others is new for me, but with some years of practice on my woo-woo resume, I feel ready to share my skills and experience with you.

Get perspective on questions related to finances, career, or relationships through a framework that considers the four (+1) elements; fire, air, water, earth + spirit.

How does this work? In short, FIRE speaks to intention, AIR speaks to thoughts, WATER = emotions, and EARTH speaks to physical manifestation. If you're interested in more about how I do these readings, or just more in general, check out my blog here.

The Process

  1. You purchase a reading and enter your email address. You have to enter an email address to receive your reading.
  2. This platform here ("Payhip") sends me a message to say you have purchased a reading, and your email address.
  3. I email you to either a) book your In-Person session, or b) get your question for the Virtual reading. If you prefer to reach out to me as soon as your purchase goes through, my email is: hi[at]nerissamartin[dot]com
  4. For Virtual readings, I take your question, do a meditation and then commence with your reading. I use an app to record my voice reading the cards to you as if you are in front of me. If you prefer a written format, no worries! These readings are also transcribed. Virtual readings are delivered 48 hours after I get your question. You'll receive the voice recording and a pdf file of the written format, with a picture of the cards pulled.
  5. For In-Person readings, I will send you a link to my calendar where you can book a date and time that works with your schedule. When we meet, I will have meditated already so we can get straight to your question. I use a booking app where you can let me know if you want your reading recorded and delivered after our session.
Feel free to click the 'Preview' button for a sample reading, and to get a sense of my style. (This preview doesn't use the Four Elements format, and is more general.)

Thank you for your consideration! 


Please note, these readings are for entertainment purposes only. Regardless of what you receive from me, you are responsible for your own decisions in this or the astral worlds, in perpetuity.

For adults over 18.

I do not do health related readings, or read reverse cards.