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Iphone the missing mannual 6th edition

By Romeo Burke
How do you make the point that the iPhone has changed the

world? The easy answer is “use statistics”—200 million sold,

750,000 downloadable programs on the iPhone App Store, 25

billion downloads…. Trouble is, those statistics get stale almost before

you’ve finished typing them.

Maybe it’s better to talk about the aftermath. How since the iPhone came

along, cell carriers (AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, and so on) have opened up the

calcified, conservative way they used to consider new cellphone designs.

How every phone and its brother now have a touchscreen. How BlackBerry,

Google (Android) phones, and Windows 7 phones all have their own app

stores. How, in essence, everybody wants to be the iPhone.

The thing is, it will be tough for them to catch up technologically, because

Apple is always moving, too. In October 2012, for example, it introduced

the sixth iPhone model, the iPhone 5—thinner, faster, taller, better in

almost every possible way.

More importantly, there’s a new, free version of the iPhone’s software,

called iOS 6. (Why not “iPhone OS” anymore? Because the same operating

system runs on the iPad and the iPod Touch. It’s not just for iPhones anymore,

and saying, “the iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch OS” takes too long.)

Why is it so important? Because you can run iOS 6 on older iPhone models

(the 3GS, 4, and 4S) without having to buy a new phone. This book covers

all phones that can run the iOS 6 software: the iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4,

iPhone 4S, and iPhone 5.

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